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Canadian Criminal Justice Resources

Canadian Criminal Justice Resources

Canadian Case Reports & Research Resources

Expanding Access to Legal Services in Alberta through E-Learning

Expanding Access to Legal Services in Alberta through E-Learning
(PDF - 2MB)

Federal Courts

  • Canadian Judicial Council
    The Canadian Judicial Council was created in 1971, with a broad legislative mandate in the area of judicial governance. The main objective of the Council is still the same today – to promote efficiency and uniformity, and to improve the quality of judicial service in superior courts and in the Tax Courts of Canada.
  • Canadian Judicial System
    An excellent overview of the Canadian Judicial System.
  • Court Martial Appeal Court
    This Court hears appeals from military courts which are known as courts martial. The courts martial have power to try military personnel, and civilians accompanying such personnel abroad, for crimes and offences against the Code of Service Discipline.
  • Department of Justice Canada
    This page provides an integrated resource of reference sources dealing with the Canadian justice system, legislation, the courts, law enforcement and other public justice institutions.
  • Federal Court of Appeal
  • Federal Court of Canada
    The Federal Court is Canada's national trial court which hears and decides legal disputes arising in the federal domain, including claims against the Government of Canada, civil suits in federally-regulated areas and challenges to the decisions of federal tribunals.
  • Supreme Court of Canada
  • Tax Court of Canada
    The Tax Court of Canada is a specialized court of law whose jurisdiction extends to several Acts of Parliament, most notably the Income Tax Act, the Excise Tax Act (Part IX), and several provisions of the Employment Insurance Act.

Federal Laws

Foreign Laws, Cases and Resources

Government Links

Law Dictionaries

  • Bouvier Law Dictionary (1856)
    Access John Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America and of the Several States of the American Union, 1856.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Bankruptcy Terms
    Access a glossary provided by the Web site.
  • Dictionary of Conflict Resolution
    Access a comprehensive resource for terminology relating to the field of conflict resolution. Made available through xreferplus.
    (Available to Athabasca University faculty, staff, and students)
  • Dictionary of Law 1893
    This dictionary and compendium of American and English jurisprudence, is based on a work originally compiled and written by William C. Anderson and published by T. H. Flood and Company in Chicago, 1893. This is an ongoing project dedicated to the idea that "in order to understand past and present Law, you must first understand the British and American definitions of words used and based in common law prior to 1900".
  • Dictionary of Law, Peter Collin Publishing
    This dictionary provides basic vocabulary used in British and American law. Coverage includes criminal, civil, commercial and international law. Examples are given to show terminology used in context. Made available through xreferplus.
    (Available to Athabasca University faculty, staff, and students)
  • Duhaime's Legal Dictionary
    Canadian lawyer Lloyd Duhaime has researched and written this dictionary. The focus is on defining legal terminology in plain language.
  • Everybody's Legal Glossary
    Access a glossary of legal terms from the common to the bizarre from Nolo, an American provider of do-it-yourself legal solutions for consumers and small businesses.
  • FindLaw for Legal Professionals
    Search the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law ©1996 through the FindLaw Web site which provides legal resources on the Internet for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals.
  • Dictionary
    Access to The People's Law Dictionary by Gerald and Kathleen Hill, is provided by, a news and information network designed for legal professionals.
  • Law Dictionary
  • Law Dictionary
    Specialized legal glossary with 15,000+ definitions and explanations of legal terms.
  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law
    This standard reference work provides comprehensive coverage of legal vocabulary, along with pronunciations, and additional material. Made available through xreferplus.
    (Available to Athabasca University faculty, staff, and students)
  • Oxford Dictionary of Law
    Oxford University Press provides a legal reference of major terms, concepts, and processes for professionals and students in the UK or any Commonwealth country where the legal system is founded on English law. Coverage includes European law, the Internet, world trade, divorce law, local government, property law, consumer and data protection, and criminal law. Made available through Oxford Reference Online.
    (Available to Athabasca University faculty, staff, and students)
  • The 'Lectric Law Library's Legal Lexicon's Lyceum
    Access thousands of definitions and explanations of legal terms, phrases and concepts through this virtual law library.

Law Journals

Law Libraries

  • Bora Laskin Law Library - University of Toronto
    This site contains a comprehensive compilation of links pointing to a wide spectrum of legal information available on the web.
  • Canadian Association of Law Libraries
    The Canadian Association of Law Libraries “provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among members, fosters cooperation among Canadian law libraries, and plays an active role in promoting access to legal information for all Canadians.”
    (About CALL, 2006, para. 4)
  • Law Society of Upper Canada's Great Library
    The library's online research tools including links to Canadian case law, legislation, online legal periodicals, and database and article searching.
  • LibraryCo
    LibraryCo provides central management of the Ontario County and District Law Library system.

Law Societies

Law Students

Podcasts and Blogs

Privacy Sites

Pro Bono Information

  • Calgary Legal Guidance
    “...provides free legal advice for individuals with low income.”
    (Home, n.d., tagline)
  • Pro Bono Law of BC
    Pro Bono Law of BC mission statement is: “To advance access to justice by developing and facilitating opportunities for the effective provision of high-quality pro bono legal services to people and non-profit organizations of limited means throughout British Columbia, and by supporting potential and existing pro bono legal service providers in British Columbia.”
    (About Us: Mission Statement, 2006, para. 1)
  • Pro Bono Law Ontario
    “This site provides information about PBLO, its current projects, and its ongoing efforts to promote opportunities for pro bono legal services in Ontario.”
    (Home, 2002, para. 2)
  • Salvation Army (British Columbia): Pro Bono Lawyer Consultant Program
    “The objective of the Pro Bono program is to bring together lawyers, and the poor in order to eliminate barriers to justice.”
    (Mission Statements, 2000, para. 2)
  • The ABCs of Creating a Pro Bono Policy for Your Law Firm
    “The Canadian Bar Association's Standing Committee has developed this document in the hopes that law firms and other employers of legal counsel will use it to review their approach to pro bono work and to revise or create a successful pro bono policy.”
    (The ABCs of Creating a Pro Bono Policy for Your Law Firm, 2006, para. 3)
  • Volunteer Lawyers Service (Ontario)
    “The Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS) offers free legal support to eligible charitable and nonprofit organizations in Ontario.”
    (Home, 2002, para. 1)

Province and Territory Courts

Province and Territory Laws

Support Staff

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