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Athabasca University

Andy Khan

Professor Emeritus, Legal Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • B.A. (Punjab University)
  • M.A. (Peshawar University)
  • LL.B. - 1st class, 1st class 1st in 1st LL.B. (Karachi University)
  • Post-graduate Dip Ed [Distinction] (Reading University)
  • M.A. (Keele University)
  • Advocate, Lahore High Court (Punjab Bar)


Anwar (Andy) N. Khan is Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies. He was born in India. When India, on attaining independence in 1947, was divided in two countries, he and his family got uprooted and took refuge in Pakistan, where he obtained degrees from three universities. He then went to England and got qualifications from two universities.

He taught law in England, Australia and back in England.

In 1986 he came to Athabasca University where he was Full Professor and Coordinator of legal studies. He was the first Chair of the Centre for State and Legal Studies and the first Director of University Research. He authored numerous legal studied courses. He has published in academic journals in many countries. He has presented conference papers all over the world. He was on the editorial boards of many academic journals in England, USA and Australia. He still dabbles in writing, and is on the editorial boards of two journals in USA and England.

Andy Khan has been a Visiting or Adjunct Professor at many universities in Australia, England and Pakistan.

Andy Khan is Advocate of the Lahore High Court (Pakistan) and Fellow of the Institute of Linguists (England).